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Published and Accepted Papers

​​The Creativity Premium: Exploring the Link Between Childhood Creativity and Life Outcomes (with David Gill)

Accepted at Journal of Political Economy Microeconomics Paper

The Heterogeneous Effects of Social Assistance and Unemployment Insurance:  Evidence from a Life Cycle Model of Family Labor Supply and Savings (with P. Haan)

American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2024, 16(2), pp 127–181 Paper 

Strategic Complexity and the Value of Thinking (with D. Gill)

Economic Journal​, 2023, 133(650), pp 761–786  Paper

Cognitive skills, strategic sophistication, and life outcomes (with E. Fe and D. Gill)

Journal of Political Economy, 2022, 130(10), pp 2643–2704  Paper

Using Goals to Motivate College Students: Theory and Evidence from Field Experiments (with D. Clark, D. Gill and M.Rush)
Review of Economics and Statistics, 2020, vol. 102(4), pp 648-663 
First-place Loving and Last-place Loathing: How Rank in the Distribution of Performance Affects Effort Provision (with 
D. Gill, Z. Kissova and J. Lee)
Management Science, 2019, vol. 65(2), pp 459-954 Paper

Measuring costly effort using the slider task (with 
D. Gill)
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2019, vol. 21, pp 1-9 Paper Z-Tree code

Cognitive Ability, Character Skills, and Learning to Play Equilibrium: A Level-k Analysis (with 
D. Gill)
Journal of Political Economy, 2016, vol. 124(6), pp 1619-1676 Paper Online Appendix

Longevity, Life-cycle Behavior and Pension Reform (with 
P. Haan)
Journal of Econometrics, 2014, vol. 178(3), pp 582-601 Paper

Gender Differences and Dynamics in Competition: The Role of Luck (with 
D. Gill
Quantitative Economics, 2014, vol. 5(2), pp 351-376 Paper

Cheating in the Workplace: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Bonuses and Productivity (with 
D. Gill and M. Vlassopoulos)
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013, vol. 96 (December), pp 120-134 Paper

A Structural Analysis of Disappointment Aversion in a Real Effort Competition (with 
D. Gill)
American Economic Review, 2012, vol. 102(1), pp 469-503 Paper Online Appendix

Modeling Employment Dynamics with State Dependence and Unobserved Heterogeneity 
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2012, vol. 30(2), pp 411-431Paper Online Appendix

A Structural Approach to Estimating the Effect of Taxation on the Labor Market Dynamics of Older Workers (with 
P. Haan
Econometrics Journal, 2010, vol. 13(3), pp S99-S125 Paper

Estimating Labour Supply Elasticities under Rationing: A Structural Model of Time Allocation Behaviour
Canadian Journal of Economics, 2009, vol. 42(1), pp 90-112 Paper Online Appendix
Working Papers

Insurance, Redistribution, and the Inequality of Lifetime Income (with P. Haan, D. Kemptner and M. Schaller)

Revise and Resubmit at Quantitative Economics Paper ​

Peer Effects in University Housing: Evidence from Fuzzy Central Assignment (with Chao Fu, Jesse Gregory, and 

Clint Harris) Paper

How Cognitive Skills affect Strategic Behavior: Cognitive Ability, Fluid Intelligence and Judgment (with David Gill, Zachary Knepper, and Junya Zhou)

Revise and Resubmit at Games and Economic Behavior Paper

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